Recent Updates

  • In the visualizer section of the pdfToolbox Desktop, the Object Inspector allows identifying page content, but viewing which objects form a PDF page, and what their attributes are. Two new concepts: "Wireframe viewing" and "Object type filtering" have been implemented here.

    To open up the Object Inspector:

  • Libraries can be very useful for different employees in a company or for clients with whom you work, to get customized sets of profiles, checks and corrections.

    • It may be useful to first create an extensive library, which you can adjust for the required workstations or partners.
    • Smaller sets can be created as a library for employees who require only certain functions.
    • According to certain workflows libraries can be set up, such as for "Offset", "Digital", "Online PDF", "Large Format", and many more.
  • With pdfToolbox libraries versions and projects can easily be managed. Supposedly, a printing company has compiled records with profiles, checks and corrections for a particular workflow or customer. Now it is possible to spread them and manage different version across multiple workstations via libraries.

    1. For a customer or a workflow a library was created.
    2. If the requirements change or if new pdfToolbox features are integrated, the existing library can simply be duplicated, a new version number (possibly also with the current date) can be given and the additional checks, profiles and corrections can be added.
    3. The new, additional library could then be called "customer-v1.1-2016-06-26" or "Printer v1.1-2016-06-26".
    4. Further updates will be processed the same.

    In this way, it is non-destructive and any changes in the procedure are tracked.

  • Updated on: Aug 18, 2017

    Libraries - Overview

    In pdfToolbox 8.1 callas introduced the possibility to work with libraries.

    With this feature you can create an environment for different types of jobs or companies.

    In pdfToolbox libraries you can organise a set of Profiles, Checks, Fixups and Switchboard Actions.

  • A lot of users want to use the Acrobat Preflight functionality as well as the high number of additional tools from pdfToolbox simultaneously.
    This tutorial explains, how this parallel usage of Acrobat Preflight (a development of callas software, which has been integrate by Adobe as a part of Adobe Acrobat Pro since 2003) and callas pdfToolbox works.

  • Updated on: Aug 16, 2017

    Create Booklet

    Im Bereich „Anordnen“ finden Sie die Aktion „Broschüre“, mit der Sie eine Broschüre aus einer mehrseitigen Datei erzeugen können.
    Sie können die Bogengröße und den horizontalen/vertikalen Versatz bestimmen, sowie angeben, ob auf jeder erzeugten Seite Schnittmarken hinzugefügt werden sollen.

  • Updated on: Aug 16, 2017

    Create Booklet

  • Updated on: Aug 16, 2017

    Create pre-separated pages (9.3)

  • Updated on: Aug 16, 2017