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Antonio Aristóteles Bastos

I got Callas from QuarkXpress. I do not use imposing, I developed a system to print large formats on loose leafs. But I just had a special order and I need to print a book in a tabloid format: 320 x 330mm on a 320 x 660 mm paper folded in half. Is it possible to do it with Callas?
I tried a while but some problems emerged: only 4 pages (from 16) were imported; as I try to set the format for 320 x 660, prevíews of the pages disappear… and I just can't go any far.
Imposition software for "large formats", anything over 500x500mm, are very expensive and I do not expect to use this on a regular basis and they are not cheap.
Can you sort this out?

Author callas software

Hello Aristóteles,
the impose engine is quite flexible regarind sizes of sheets, so imposing such a book should not be a problem. Have you tried the "Booklet" functionality? This Switchboard Action should to the job.
I transferred your request to our internal ticket system (you should already received a confirmation by eMail). A colleague will contact you shortly to assist you.
Best regards,

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