Using the Layer Explorer to work with Processing Steps

Processing Steps metadata can be added, viewed, edited or deleted using pdfToolbox's Layer Explorer. The Layer Explorer opens via Tools -> Layer Explorer.

When opened for a PDF with Processing Steps metadata it might look like this:

The metadata is displayed within parenthesis behind the layer name.

When a layer is double clicked or selected and the pen symbol at the bottom is clicked, the layer name and layer metadata can be modified.

The two "Processing Step Metadata" pop ups allow for picking one of the values as defined in the standard or adding a custom value.

In addition pdfToolbox allows for adding any type of metadata by clicking on the "plus" icon and defining custom key value pairs. This metadata is inserted as "private" data into the PDF and can be read only by products of callas. The main reason for it is that it was possible to use it before Processing Steps was published and some workflows may still be using it.


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