Import own HTML-based Report-Templates

Using HTML-based report templates, it is possible to adapt the overview pages of reports to your own requirements and, for example, add logos or display further information (based on details from the XML report).

How the customization works is described in the following articles:

To make your own templates available in the Desktop version, they must be copied to the appropriate place in the user preferences.
The easiest way to open the corresponding path is as follows.

1.) Execute any profile and then click on the "Create Report..." button:

2.) In the following window select the "Browse" button:

3.) It opens a Finder (MacOS) or Explorer (Windows) window in the user preferences of the currently active Library, in the above case "Prepress, Color and Transparency":

User preferences can be found here.

In this folder your can now store your own Template in a new, separate subfolder.

Please note that this Template is only available in the currently selected Library.
If the Template is to be available in several Libraries, the process must be repeated there accordingly.

Now that the Template has been saved in the "Templates" folder, it will be available the next time the "Create Report..." dialog is opened: