Add sheet sizes for imposition

To add your own sheet sizes to the existing ones, first look for the PageSizes.txt in the User Preferences. Append a PageSizes.txt with an additional sheet size.


Switchboard- Imposition

1. Click on 'Manage sheet sizes'- this opens the PageSizes.txt from the user settings 

PageSizes.txt can also be accessed from

  • On Mac, the file is normally located in: 
    • /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/callas\ software/callas\ pdfToolbox\ 11/Repositories/Custom/<version>/Actions/PageSizes.txt
  • On Windows, the file is normally located in: 
    • C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\callas software\callas pdfToolbox 11\Repositories\Custom\<version>\Actions

2. Click on 'Manage imposition configurations' - this opens the folder "Actions" containing the runlists and sheetconfigs from the user settings.

Content of PageSizes.txt

Please note that the PageSizes.txt is subject to a certain syntax.

  • Individual values must be separated from each other by tabs
  • Entries may only be added under "User defined values"
  • The hash "#" at the beginning of a line comments the line, so it will not be parsed and therefore not show up in the Switchboard until removed.

Path to the runlists and sheetconfigs in the Finder

Runlists and sheetconfigs can be accessed via

/Users/xxxxx/Library/Preferences/callas\ software/callas\ pdfToolbox\ 11/Repositories/Custom/20190807/Actions/Impose