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Editor and debugger for Imposition configuration files

The imposition Action in Switchboard allows to select, create or edit imposition configuration files and to log the imposition process.

The Action can be found under Switchboard > Arrange > Impose. Since pdfToolbox 13, text editors with syntax highlighting are integrated in this Action. So instead of using an external text editor file, you can create and edit imposition configuration files directly from the Switchboard with the built-in editors.

  1. You can open the integrated editors while selecting  'New' or  'Edit' in the dropdown menue of the imposition scheme or the sheet configuration.
  2. If you create or edit an imposition scheme the interface of the editor allows you to choose between two different languages. Usually the runlist is based on a very simple script language (Runlist). With pdfToolbox 13, a runlist also supports Java Script.
  3. While writing the imposition scheme you can also use the Test mode to test your script immediately, without having to save it before.

After writing the imposition scheme you can activate the 'Runlist Debugger' in the dropdown like shown below, to log the imposition process. It helps to track where a certain page was placed.

When 'Runlist Debugger' is checked and you execute the Imposition process, a log window like the one shown below appears that contains the information on Imposition in 'INIT, START, END' form based on your runlist configuration and imposition scheme.

Loops are shown there as well and if there are the derived values of Variables listed. Important to note is that the Runlist Debugger is shown as long as any imposition is executed - no matter where (e.g. Process plan or test mode within a process plan).