New and enhanced Properties in 9.0

To check for number of hits generated by other Properties within the same Check, group "Pages":

  • Number of hits in this check

Related to CxF (Spectral data information in PDF), all in group "Output Intents for PDF/X":

  • Number of CxF entries
  • Number of process colorants without CxF entry
  • Number of spot colorants without CxF entry
  • Number of colorants without CxF entry
  • Number of stray CxF entries
  • CxF entry conforms to CxF/X-4 XML schema
  • CxF conformance level is CxF/X-4
  • CxF conformance level is CxF/X-4a
  • CxF conformance level is CxF/X-4b
  • CxF entry present for this colorant name
  • Spot color is present in CxF and in MixingHints/Solidities

For the groups "Colors", "Output Intents for PDF/X", "Output Intents for PDF/A" and "Output Intents for PDF/E":

  • Number of components in ICC profile dictionaries N entry does not match ICC profile


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