New and enhanced Properties in pdfToolbox 9.x

New in pdfToolbox 9.0

To check for number of hits generated by other Properties within the same Check, group "Pages":

  • Number of hits in this check

Related to CxF (Spectral data information in PDF), all in group "Output Intents for PDF/X":

  • Number of CxF entries
  • Number of process colorants without CxF entry
  • Number of spot colorants without CxF entry
  • Number of colorants without CxF entry
  • Number of stray CxF entries
  • CxF entry conforms to CxF/X-4 XML schema
  • CxF conformance level is CxF/X-4
  • CxF conformance level is CxF/X-4a
  • CxF conformance level is CxF/X-4b
  • CxF entry present for this colorant name
  • Spot color is present in CxF and in MixingHints/Solidities

For the groups "Colors", "Output Intents for PDF/X", "Output Intents for PDF/A" and "Output Intents for PDF/E":

  • Number of components in ICC profile dictionaries N entry does not match ICC profile

New in pdfToolbox 9.1

New Properties

  • Rotation of text:
    To detect rotated text
  • Is in custom area
    Can becombined with other Properties to detect if objects are within a defined area or not.

New Properties related to Processing Steps

  • Processing Steps metadata present
  • Same Processing Steps metadata used for more than one layer
  • Processing Steps
  • Processing Steps metadata uses custom values
  • Layer metadata (extended)

New in pdfToolbox 9.2

  • Font is not valid (strict): To determine problems that are usually not critical in embedded fonts
  • Blend mode (cumulative): To determine effective blend modes  objects nested in Form XObjects
  • Blend space in Luminosity soft mask
  • Color values for fill/stroke: Operators "is contained in list" and "is not contained in list” are now available

New in pdfToolbox 9.3

  • Aspect ratio of CropBox|BleedBox|TrimBox|ArtBox
    Determines the aspect ratio the respective dimensions

New in pdfToolbox 9.4

  • Size of filled vector object
  • Uses ICCbased RGB
  • Difference between colorant values
    To determine the maximum difference between colorant values to identify e.g. gray objects in RGB color
  • Page uses measurement properties (Viewport)
  • Several new and extended Properties for PDF 2.0:
    • Has halftone origin entry (HTO)
    • Value of the Black Point Compensation entry
    • Requirements array in Catalog requires PDF 2.0
    • Output Intent has Mixing Hints entry
    • Printing Order entries in Mixing Hints dictionaries consistent across document
    • Solidities entries in Mixing Hints dictionaries consistent across document
    • Has Black Point Compensation entry
    • Has page level Output Intent