New and enhanced Fixups in pdfToolbox 9.1

New Fixups

  • Insert empty page
    For adding additional, empty pages at specific positions within the PDF (can be combined with a Check, e.g. for a sequential page number)
  • Move objects
    To moves objects (defined by Check) with a defined offset vertically and/or horizontally

Several new or extended Fixups regarding  "Processing Steps" e.g. for creating layers or to set special metadata for such layers:

  • Put objects on Processing Steps layer
  • Modify layer name for Processing Steps layer metadata
  • Add Processing Steps layer metadata
  • Extended with "Processing Steps" related options:
    • Configure OCCD
    • Remove layer
    • Set layer default to
    • Set layer initial export state | print state | visibility state
    • Set layer name
    • Set layer state
    • Set layer intent
    • Set layer visibility dependent on a zoom level

Extended Fixups

  • Flatten transparency:
    Several compression methods added for images, which are created during transparency flattening
  • Create and apply shapes:
    New options to reduce or enlarge non-rectangular shapes and to merge overlapping shapes
  • Place content on page:
    Support for SVG as input format
  • Flip pages:
    Extended with an optional "Apply to" to limit the correction to defined pages


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