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callas pdfaPilot Server/CLI can also be used for processing hotfolders on platforms, where no user interface for the configuration of the require set-­tings is available (like Linux, SunSparc, SunIntel). Remote access is not available for AIX. This possiblity to start a Server without a user interface is available on MacOS and Windows also of course. First, the pdfaPilot CLI has to be started in server mode:

--server [--quiet] [--accesskey=accesskey] [--port=port] [--cachefolder=cachefolder] 


--quiet optional, suppresses outpput --accesskey optional, sets a accesskey for restricting the pos- sibilty to change configuration using the server user interface --port optional, defines the port for communication between CLI and server user interface via the network (Default: 1302) --cachefolder optional, defines the path to cachefolder


--server --port=1302 --accesskey=123456 

For setting up a job for hotfolder processing, connect to the remote server using any pdfaPilot Desktop installation in the same network:


After entering the accesskey, new jobs can be configured, started or stopped. Profiles and Settings will be transfered to the remote server, where the are stored at /usr/share/callas software (path must be writable).

If this location can not be used caused by limitations on the respective environment, the additional option --cachefolder can be used for defining a custom path when starting the server:


  --server --port=1302 --cachefolder=PATH 

All paths defined for hotfolder processing need to be entered manually and have to be valid path specifications. (Hotfolder paths of any remote server jobs (IN, OUT, etc.) have to be configured so that they are valid from the service's perspective (the system where the service is running) - and not from the perspective of the controlling standalone application.) The server can also be stopped by remote, but not started.



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