Adding grommets

During the production of banner or other large format products, sometimes grommets must be added.
To add marks, where these grommets shall be placed after the product is printed, this Switchboard action can be used.

Define the settings

To define the positioning of the grommets, the margin for all 4 edges can be defined.

Of course the number of grommets for the horizontal and vertical edges must be defined. The internal calculation will determine the distance between the grommets.

Inspecting the result

Marks for the grommets will be positioned accordingly to the defined settings.

Grommets by distance

An additional way to add grommets to the document is by defining the distance between the grommets vertically and horizontally.


Brian Irick

I figured out the settings that I need for adding grommets then the borders . Are you able to export these as actions to add them to a KFPX profile? I am more used to using the step and repeat and overlay function and when you figure out what you need you can Create a New Switchboard Action but there is no option to do that. Am I missing something?

Editor callas software

Hi Brian, it is indeed currently not possible to create an Action to be used in a Process Plan from the "Grommets"-Switchboard. It is, however, possible to do that based on the "Place Content" feature. I will double check with Product Management, but I think we should be able to provide you with a sample Fixup that you may adjust. We will contact you directly soon.

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