Installing cartridges

Before installing cartridges, the License Server itself must be activated! See the article on activating the License Server.

Cartridge license PDF

To install a cartridge, you need to obtain a License PDF for the process or credit cartridge you want. This is a PDF document; you can open it to see the details of the cartridge before you install it.

Installing a cartridge

Once you have the cartridge license PDF, use the following command to install it in a License Server:

licenseServer --cartridge <Path to Cartridge License PDF>

// Example

licenseServer --cartridge "/temp/Cartridge License.PDF"

If you use multiple License Servers for fail-over reasons, it is advisable to install all cartridges on one single License Server. They will synchronize the cartridge information amongst themselves automatically.

The license server now outputs information you need to copy and paste into an email and send to the activation email address. The generated information contains all instructions to do this. After receiving the resulting reply email from the callas activation server, activate the cartridge with the License Server as follows:

licenseServer --install <Path to Cartridge Activation PDF>

// Example

licenseServer --install "/temp/Cartridge Activation.pdf"

The License Server will confirm activation if you provided the correct path to a valid activation PDF. Remark that an activation PDF can only be used on the same system it was requested and that it is only valid for 48 hours after it has been requested.