Preparing for failover

In the most simple configuration, the License Server is installed and activated on a single system. Other callas tools talk to this License Server to get permission to run.

Obviously, this makes this single system a single point of failure which is not acceptable in some environments. To remedy this, it is possible to run the License Server in failover mode.

Getting a suitable license

Running callas License Server in failover mode is only possible with a suitable license. The user number of the license you receive must be 3 (three) instead of 1 (one). If you don't have or are not sure you have a suitable license, please contact us:


Installing License Server for failover

To work in failover mode, you will need to install and activate License Server on three different machines. Those machines will need to be on permanently, and will need to have a fixed IP address assigned to them.

This article Failover restrictions explains what happens when License Server instances become unavailable (in a failure situation).