While the License Server enables callas products to run without activation, the License Server itself is always activated.

Activating the License Server

The License Server can be activated using a purchased license. Trial licenses are not supported, but temporary (time-limited) licenses are available for test scenarios.

Requesting a permanent license

To request a permanent license for the License Server, use the "keycode" command.

licenseServer --keycode <User name> <Company name> <path to License PDF>

// Example

licenseServer --keycode "David van Driessche" "Four Pees" "/temp/License.PDF"

The license server now outputs information you need to copy and paste into an email and send to the activation email address. The generated information contains all instructions to do this.

Activating using the activation email

Once you receive an email from the callas software activation server (this can take a few minutes), use the attached activation PDF to complete activation.

licenseServer --activate <path to Activation PDF>

// Example

licenseServer --activate "/temp/Activation.PDF"

The License Server will confirm activation if you provided the correct path to a valid activation PDF. Remark that an activation PDF can only be used on the same system it was requested and that it is only valid for 48 hours after it has been requested.