What is pdfToolbox Desktop?

pdfToolbox Desktop is an interactive application to work with PDF documents. It gives access to all of the pdfToolbox functionality in a non-automatic mode. The application can be used in two distinct ways (both ways are available when you install and license the software – how you use it, is up to you).

pdfToolbox Desktop standalone

The standalone version of pdfToolbox Desktop is an application that can run on any computer without having any other software from Adobe (or anyone else) installed. It exists on Mac OS X and Windows and allows you to open PDF files and work with them in a separate application fine-tuned to be easy to use.

  1. The main window where you open PDF documents and work with them.
  2. The Switchboard window with easy-to-use tools.

pdfToolbox Desktop plug-in

The plug-in version of pdfToolbox Desktop gives access to the same functionality of pdfToolbox Desktop standalone, but from within the familiar environment of Adobe Acrobat Pro. The pdfToolbox functionality is available from the "Plug-Ins" menu item.