The Switchboard: easy-to-use Actions

The Switchboard is the first window you should explore in pdfToolbox Desktop. pdfToolbox offers a set of predefined Actions. Many of these Actions are quickly accessible via the Switchboard. They ease the use of frequently needed processes like impositioning or color conversions.

The Switchboard window

To open the Switchboard if it is not visible, use the "Tools" > "Switchboard" menu item or click on the Switchboard icon which is located on the left side panel  of the main window.

The following section briefly shows how to get to a particular Action.

  1. The left screenshot shows the Switchboard main window with the available functionality groups.
  2. With a click on a specific group symbol, all group-related Actions are displayed.
  3. Depending on the Action you have selected, options may appear on the Switchboard pane; use those to configure exactly how you want the Action to be performed.
  4. The "Execute" button can be used to run the Switchboard Action on the currently displayed PDF document.

An overview of all Actions contained in the switchboard can be found in the online documentation under the chapter: Actions and their use in callas' products.