Using the License Server

In order to avoid having to activate a callas software product, you can use a reference to a running License Server in the call to that product. The License Server needs to be activated, it needs to be running and it needs to have valid cartridges installed.

The "licenseserver" option points the callas software product to the License Server so it can get permission to run your call.


./pdfToolbox --licenseserver="" <other command-line parameters>

The parameter specifies the IP address of the License Server you want to use. Please note that all callas products also support DNS names for the --licenseserver option. Optionally, this can be followed with a colon and a port number. If you use the default License Server port (1400), the port doesn't have to be specified.

Using the License Server with Desktop products

Once the License Server is activated and running with a valid cartridge for pdfToolbox/pdfaPilot Desktop installed, you can run your Desktop products without activating a hardware bound license to it. Simply go to callas pdfToolbox > About callas pdfToolbox

Alternatively, you can also go to callas pdfToolbox > Help > About callas pdfToolbox.

Once a new window pops up, you can click on the checkbox 'Use License Server'.

Then click on the edit button right next to the checkbox in order to define your IP to use License Server via the desktop product.

License server details in 'LicenseServer.json'

A "licenseserver.json" can alternatively be placed manually in User-Preferences OR AllUser-Preferences OR Program-folder, which defines if a license server is available over UDP or IP (in case of the latter, over which IPs it is available). The format of 'LicenseServer.json' is as follows:

    "use": true,
    "udp": false,
    "fixed": true,
    "url": ["", "xx.x.x.xx", ...]

While looking for pdfToolbox, it checks for License.txt but if a LicenseServer.json exists, the keys are searched there while overwriting  the original application settings.

Using the License Server with pdfToolbox/pdfaPilot Server

  • Start the server via the CLI with: pdftoolbox --server --licenseserver='URL'
/Applications/callas pdfToolbox Server 11/cli/pdfToolbox --server --liceseserver=""

This would open the status window:

  • With "Connect with remote server" or "Start a server" the jobs should be visible and can be started.