License Levels

Because pdfChip supports a wide range of use cases, it comes in a number of different license levels. Each has specific restrictions and this chapter explains the available license levels so that you can make an informed choice.

Server licensing and activation

pdfChip is always sold per server, whether that server is real or virtual. The license you acquire is for a particular operating system and can be used to activate one (1) server. Activation requires an exchange of information with the callas activation server, which can happen over the Internet (if the server running pdfChip has access to the Internet) or through email.

As all server-level software from callas software, pdfChip comes with an SMA (or Software Maintenance Agreement). The SMA is obligatory for the first year and optional afterwards. With the SMA comes priority support, and free updates and upgrades. The cost of the SMA is 20% of the product price yearly.

pdfChip license levels

Because of the diversity of environments where pdfChip can be used, the product is sold in a number of different license levels. Different license levels come at a different price point, but also carry restrictions as explained in this section.

Upgrading between license levels

We understand your needs can evolve over time, and pdfChip can evolve with you. To upgrade from a lower to a higher license level of pdfChip, the cost is the difference in price between those two levels. If you have an active SMA, the difference in price for the SMA will be added to the upgrade price as well.


This is the explanation of the different restrictions used to diversify the different pdfChip license levels:

  • Parallel processes
    Determines how many conversions from HTML to PDF can be run in parallel. Each conversion runs on a separate processor or processor core (in a different process); your hardware needs to be able to support the number of parallel processes your license allows for optimal performance.
    If the allowed number of simultaneous pdfChip processes is exceeded, every additional process will remain in a "waiting" mode until another process is finnished before the conversion starts.
  • Pages per hour
    The number of pages per hour that pdfChip can generate; this is the number of pages in output PDF files, not the number of HTML files converted.
    If the allowed number of pages per hour is exceeded, pdfChip will pause running and new conversions until the time interval allows the production of pages again.
  • Barcode support
    The number of barcodes supported by pdfChip; some flavors support only a reduced set of barcodes.
  • Number of pages per document
    Determines the maximum number of pages that can be output for a single PDF by pdfChip. While this is defined as a hard number in the overview table below, pdfChip will actually allow some overrun (at the expense of slower processing) to provide you with flexibility in your workflow.
    If the allowed number of pages per document is exceeded, pdfChip will continue to produce the PDF, but every additional page over the limit will be created with an increasing delay.
  • Advanced pagination
    Whether or not pdfChip supports to multi-pass advanced pagination features.
  • Tagged PDF
    Whether or not pdfChip supports creation of Tagged PDF (necessary for some archival workflows and for accessible documents).

Flavor overview

The following table lists the different pdfChip flavors and the restrictions they implement.

Feature S M L XL
Parallel processes 1 4 8 Unlimited
Number of pages per hour 1000 5000 25000 Unlimited
Barcode support EAN, UPC, ISBN, Code39, Code128, QR All All All
Number of pages per document 25 250 1500 Unlimited
Advanced pagination No Yes Yes Yes

For more information, or exact pricing for pdfChip license levels, see the next section.

Getting help on pricing

If you have questions on what license level of pdfChip would be the best in your environment, if you want more information on the exact restrictions in a specific license level or if you have questions on licensing conditions of pdfChip, contact callas software directly using the [email protected] email address or contact Four Pees using [email protected].

Four Pees is the worldwide distributor for all callas software products and can provide licensing information, put you in contact with a local system integrator or reseller who can help you in your own language or help with any integration or training needs you encounter with pdfChip.