Where to Go from Here

You're at the end of this book, but of course there is much more information about pdfChip. This chapter points the way to additional help available to you.

pdfChip Reference Manual

This pdfChip Introduction book explains what is possible with pdfChip but not how you can accomplish these things; the pdfChip Reference Manual contains all technical details you need to implement pdfChip in your workflow or application.

The callas software web site

The callas software web site contains trial downloads for all callas products, including pdfChip. The trial will allow you to test pdfChip on your own HTML files in your own environment so that you are certain it is a good fit with what you are looking for.

On the same web site you'll also find more documentation, frequently asked questions and various tutorials. Of course all commercial information about pdfChip and the other callas products is also available.

Commercial questions

If you have questions on what flavor of pdfChip would be the best in your environment, if you want more information on the exact restrictions in a specific flavor or if you have questions on licensing conditions of pdfChip, contact callas software directly using the [email protected] email address.

Technical questions

For technical questions please check the "Support" section on the callas software web site. You'll find an extensive knowledge base with frequently asked questions, tips & tricks, tutorials and recordings of webinars explaining various technical aspects of pdfChip.

If that doesn't resolve your question, or if you want to talk to someone about your particular project or integration needs, send an email to [email protected]. Sometimes a short phone call or an online demo makes all the difference.