Autocreate Paragraph Styles from custom styling

If you have an InDesign document that has lots of formatted text but no Paragraph Styles it is sometimes cumbersome to create those. However, if you want to use that document as the basis for a pdfChip HTML template you would need Paragraph Styles for all text formatting so that corresponding CSS entries can be created from them.

This helper script allows you to automatically create Paragraph Styles for all such text which is not already using Paragraph Styles. It will create generic names for any new Paragraph Styles: AutoStyle1, AutoStyle2, ... If the InDesign document already has Paragraph Styles with these names an error message will show up. That means, if you want to use it for a document for which you have previously done that already, you will have to either rename any such generic names or delete them beforehand.

For installation in InDesign go to Window, Utilities and select Scripts. This will open the Scripts palette.

The Scripts palette shows scripts that are available for the user or for the application (all users on the computer). Pick the one that is appropriate in your case and open the options menu and select "Reveal in Finder". Then put the script into that folder. After that it can be used by clicking it in the Scripts palette.