Starting with the pdfChip app

The callas pdfChip app is a regular Enfocus Switch app. This means you have to install it from the Enfocus Appstore, just as you would install any other Switch app.

The app is free, but in order to use callas pdfChip with it, you'll have to make sure pdfChip is licensed with either a trial or full license. The app doesn't install callas pdfChip, rather it works with the callas pdfChip installed on your system, so you have to make sure the application is properly installed.

Adding the pdfChip app to a flow

Once the app is installed in Enfocus Switch, it will show up in the "Apps" group in the "Flow elements" pane. In order to use it in a flow, drag it onto the flow canvas.

The pdfChip app always requires at least one incoming connection, and requires exactly one outgoing connection. To know what you should send through the incoming connection, refer to the "Ways to use the app in a Switch flow" article. To get more information about specific properties of the app, refer to the "pdfChip app properties" article.

The pdfChip app always outputs the PDF file created from the supplied template. For each input file, the output always is a single PDF file upon succesful conversion.

Handling errors

If something goes wrong during conversion (which could be caused by the supplied JSON or HTML template, or could be pdfChip specific such as missing licenses), the input to the app is failed. This is Enfocus Switch speak for "the incoming job is moved to the problem jobs folder". The regular error handling practices of Enfocus Switch can be used from that point on.

Make sure to also consult the Switch log where you might find additional information to troubleshoot the issue.