Libraries - Overview

What are Libraries?

Libraries are repositories for all the different items you can create in pdfaPilot (such as Checks, Fixups, Profiles, Process Plans, imposition layouts...). 

You can use them to keep yourself organized on different projects, separate development from production profiles and much more.

Please note that the screenshots below show the functioning of the sister product pdfToolbox. pdfaPilot works on the same grounds.

Use Libraries for versioning and project management

With pdfaPilot Libraries, versions and projects can easily be managed. Supposedly, a printing company has compiled records with Profiles, Checks and Fixups for a particular workflow or customer. Now it is possible to spread them and manage different versions across multiple workstations via Libraries.

  1. For a customer or a workflow, a Library was created.
  2. If the requirements change or if new pdfaPilot features are integrated, the existing Library can simply be duplicated, a new version number (possibly also with the current date) can be given and the additional Checks, Profiles and Fixups can be added.
  3. The new, additional Library could then be called "customer-v1.1-2021-06-26" or "Printer v1.1-2021-06-26".
  4. Further updates will be processed the same.

In this way, it is non-destructive and any changes in the procedure are tracked.

Use Libraries for task oriented workspaces

Libraries can be very useful for different employees in a company or for clients with whom you work, to get customized sets of Profiles, Checks and Fixups.

  • It may be useful to first create an extensive Library, which you can adjust for the required workstations or partners.
  • Smaller sets can be created as a Library for employees who require only certain functions.
  • According to certain workflows, Libraries can be set up, such as for "Offset", "Digital", "Online PDF", "Large Format", and many more.

Where are the Libraries located?

You can access the Libraries via the dropdown (as shown below) in:

  1. The 'Switchboard'
  2. The main Profile pane

Apart from all the Libraries like 'PDF Standards' etc, you will see other options:

  • Search Libraries (explained here)

The rest explained in the next Chapter

  • Manage Libraries
  • Export Libraries
  • Import Libraries
  • Create new Library

Switch between different Libraries

Watch the 10 minute video to know more: