Add logo/image

This Action lets you add any logo or image to individual pages or all pages within a PDF.
You can specify both the position and desired size of the image.

The file to be placed (image, PDF or SVG)
Coordinates where the object is to be placed.
Position (from lower left corner)
Offsets the object relative to the parameters given under “Placement”. Values should be entered in the form of coordinates, giving x and y values relative to the reference point given under “Placement”. This means that values such as “-5” are also valid.
Specifies the size of the region. If “Placement” is set to “Mouse selection”, the dimensions of the region can be specified.
Page range
Specifies the range of pages on which the object will be placed.

If “Placement” is set to “Mouse selection”, you can click and drag to select a region with the mouse to define the placement.
The value for the size of the region can also be altered at any time.
However, the highlighted region will only be drawn once when you click and drag. It will not be changed if you edit the details. (If you want to adjust the way the region is drawn, you can select a new Placement type and then re-select “Mouse selection”.)

Region with values altered.

Logo placed after execution.