Place date

This Action allows you to place the current date in a position of your choice.

Text size
Defines the size of the text.
Text color
Use the color selector to specify the color of the text to be placed.
Coordinates where the object is to be placed.
Offsets the object relative to the parameters given under “Placement”. Values should be entered in the form of coordinates, giving x and y values relative to the reference point given under “Placement”. This means that values such as “-5” are also valid.
Enlarge page
If the date does not appear within the page region, the page can be enlarged.
Page range
Specifies the range of pages on which the date will be placed.

For usability reasons, the Switchboard Action has a strictly limited range of functionality. If you wish to fine-tune the date format, you can also use the applicable Fixup.

Using the “Place date” Fixup

First, call up the Fixup window under Tools - Fixups.

The “Place date” Fixup can be found under the “Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content” library. If another library is currently selected, you can also search all available libraries using the green icon.

Click “Edit” to view and alter the parameters used for the Fixup.
It is advisable to create a copy of this Fixup to make changes of your own. You can do this easily by selecting “Duplicate Fixup” from the menu button in the top right.

JavaScript is used to provide the date text. You can edit the version given under “place_date (JS)”.
Alternatively, you can simply duplicate this variable and work with a copy of it.

The JavaScript can be edited as required within the text box.

Some options for different date formats are already included as examples. These are commented out by default and can be reactivated by deleting the “//” characters at the start of the line.
Unused JavaScript sections should then be disabled or deleted.

The Fixup has been successfully applied.