Actions in Process Plans

As well as containing Profiles, Checks and Fixups, Process Plans can also include some Actions. In this chapter, we’ll show you how this can be done.

Note: Not all Actions can be used in Process Plans. Primarily, the Actions available are those which are required for certain workflows, such as for imposition.

The screenshots are showing the sister product pdfToolbox. The functionality in this part of pdfaPilot is identical to pdfToolbox.

Prepare the Action in the Switchboard

Switchboard Dokument - Bild Export

For our example, we will prepare the Image Export Action for use in a Process Plan.

This Action is a part of the Document group, which is contained in the Essentials library and elsewhere.

Bild-Export Einstellungen

Here you can specify Settings for the Action which will later be used in the course of the Process Plan. (Among other things, the saved image file should have a fixed size; here, 150 x 200 pixels.)

Bild Export - Details

The Flyout menu at the bottom-left provides a range of options for the Action.

Here you can also find the Create New Switchboard Action... command.

Dialog Aktion erstellen

This will open the Create Action dialog.

Here, if required you can...

  1. ... Change the Name...
  2. ... And edit the Description.
  3. Click on the OK button to finish creating the action.
Switchboard-Aktion Liste

The newly created Switchboard Action Image Export 150x200 can now also be accessed through the flyout menu. (You can also rename or delete it from here.)

Create a new Process Plan with the newly configured Action

Prozessplan erstellen aufrufen

To create a new Process Plan, switch to the Profile window.

Here, from the pull-down menu at the top-right, you can see commands including Create Process Plan....

Prozessplan erstellen und einrichten

Process Plans allow you to use sequences from the following categories:

  • Profile
  • Check
  • Fixup
  • Action
  • Variable
  1. In the example shown, we should first use a Fixup to move any annotations in a PDF outside of the page area. (For each sequence step, you can specify what to do in case of success or failure.)
  2. The second step uses the Action we prepared earlier. Under the Name category, the Action Image Export 150x200 can be selected.
  3. The new Process Plan should be given a meaningful Name.
  4. It is also useful to add a Comment. This will appear later in the Profile list when the Profile is activated.
  5. Click on the OK button to save the Process Plan.
Prozessplan im Profile-Fenster

The new Process Plan with the associated Action is now available in the Profile window under the name Move annotations and export JPEG 150x200.

Click Check and fix-up to execute the Process Plan.

Prozessplan Ergebnis

The Results window shows all sequence steps executed by the Process Plan, including the integrated Action.

Switchboard Actions available as Actions for Process Plans

Not all Switchboard Actions are available as Actions for  Process Plans.  The reason is, that some Switchboard actions are based on Profiles of Fixups.
The following Switchboard Actions can be used as Actions for Process Plans:

  • Arrange:
    • Booklet
    • N-Up
    • Fill page
    • Impose
    • Reader spreads
    • Split in half
    • Step & Repeat
    • New page
  • Present:
    • Handout
    • Passe partout
  • Document:
    • Overlay
    • Re-Distill
    • Content export
    • Image export
    • PostScript export
    • EPS export
  • Prepress
    • Pre-separated pages