Inserting XMP Metadata into PDFs using callas pdfaPilot Desktop

This page describes how callas pdfaPilot can be used in order to insert XMP Metadata into PDF files. It will make use of variables in order to dynamically adapt the values.

Insert XMP Metadata into PDF files

Open the profiles window in the callas pdfaPilot main menu:

In the new window create a new profile:

A new window opens. In the left column select Fixups and click on the blue icon in order to create a new fixup:

The fixup editor window opens:

Enter "xmp" into the filter field, and select "Set XMP Metadata fields" from the filtered list:

Enter a proper namespace URI, an appropriate namespace prefix, name and value for the XMP Metadata property:

If you want to adapt the value whenever you are using the fixup, use a variable instead of a fixed value. Click on the orange icon on the right hand side:

A new window opens that lets you define a variable. Give the variable a name, a display name and a default value for the variable and save by clicking OK. This name can be used in pdfaPilot CLI or pdfaPilot SDK in order to modify the values during runtime:

Now the variable data is inserted instead of a fixed value. You may use the [+] and [-] icons in order to define more or fewer properties:

Define a name for the fixup and save by clicking OK:

The new fixup shows up in the profile editor:

Define a name for the profile and save by clicking OK:

Executing the profile

In order to apply the new fixup open any PDF and execute the profile:

A dialog opens that lets you define the value for the property. You can overwrite the default value:

Save the new PDF:

In the result view you can see that the new property and the adapted value has been inserted: