Switchboard: Office/E-mail to PDF

To allow you to save emails in PDF format, pdfaPilot offers a range of options for converting text and attachments into a “standard” PDF or the long-term archiving format PDF/A.

A wide range of settings are available for managing text and attachments.

Open the Switchboard

In pdfaPilot standalone, open the switchboard via Tools > Switchboard in the menu or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+2.

If you are using pdfaPilot as an Acrobat plug-in, you can open the switchboard via Plug-Ins > pdfaPilot <version number> Switchboard.  

The “E-mail to PDF” Action

The “E-mail to PDF” action is part of the “Office” group.

Click on the E-mail to PDF symbol to open the settings window:


  1. You can select an E-mail document to process by clicking “Browse” and selecting an email file from the window that opens.
  2. The Use Template section lets you select the appropriate version for the email program used (Apple Mail, Basic, Outlook or Thunderbird)
  3. pdfaPilot offers a range of options under Convert to. The basic choice is between converting to PDF or PDF/A. The list also offers a range of options for handling attachments (as original / PDF / PDF/A / additional PDF pages).
  4. The check box lets you specify whether to embed the original email file.
  5. Click Execute to start the conversion process.


  1. pdfaPilot will then report that processing is complete.
  2. The resulting PDF or PDF/A file will then be shown in the file window.

The “E-mail to PDF” Action for batch processing

The E-mail to PDF Action can also be used for batch processing.

To do so, click on the Batch button after applying the settings in the Action window.

  1. The batch processing dialog allows you to select the folder containing the files to be processed.
  2. Once this is done, click Start.

The resulting files will be stored in a folder named Successful, located in a timestamped sub-folder in the original files’ directory.