Deleting multiple Fixups or Checks at once

When you edit a profile, you can select multiple Fixups or Checks, deleting them all at once or adding more.

The screenshots are showing the sister product pdfToolbox. The functionality in this part of pdfaPilot is identical to pdfToolbox.

Selecting multiple Fixups or Checks in the “Edit Profile” window

When setting up or modifying a profile, you can select and then delete (or change, or add) multiple Checks or Fixups at once.

  1. To do so, simply select the desired Checks/Fixups in the desired column by pressing and holding Shift (for consecutive items) or Ctrl (for non-consecutive items).
  2. You can then Add / Delete the selected items.
  3. When selecting multiple Checks at once, you can also change the message type (Info, Warning, Error) for all of them at once.