General command line options

Usually pdfaPilot CLI is started with:

pdfaPilot <PDF file> 

Input file

May be one or a number of input files (PDF or Office files) to be analysed and converted.

If an input file spec is pointing to an existing folder, all files inside this folder are processed:

Process folders recursively


If the file spec for the input file is pointing to an existing folder all PDF files inside the folder on all levels are processed

Empty the font cache


Removes all font files from the font cache folder of pdfaPilot CLI.

Incremental saving


Allows to modify the input file, only writing the changes to the original PDF. This can increase the speed significantly since pdfaPilot CLI does not need to create a new copy of the file.

PDF structure and font optimization


The internal PDF structure and fonts are not optimized when saving the PDF file.PDF structure and font optimization

Analyze only

-a --analyze 

The input file is not being converted but is analyzed whether it is PDF/A compliant.  

Analyze only certain pagerange

-p --pagerange=<firstpage>[-<lastpage>] 

Only applied when analyzing not when converting PDF files.

  • Note: When converting non-PDF documents the page range of the  original docu­ment can be specified.



Page where analysis should start


optional, page where analysis should end



Setting the cache folder


Sets the cache folder path. This is set by default to:

%AppData%\callas software\callas pdfaPilot CLI 6

/Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/callas software/callas pdfaPilot CLI 6

home directory as defined in /etc/passwd/.callas software/ callas pdfaPilot CLI 

  • Note: This option is mandatory when running the CLI as a user without a home directory.


path absolute path to custom cache folder


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