Activation and Deactivation of pdfaPilot SDK

After downloading and unarchiving the pdfaPilot SDK folder you will find a command line tool "activation_sdk" in the library folder.

You should also have received a License PDF together with the download path for the library. (If you do not have a License PDF, please send an email to [email protected]) The License PDF contains your License key as well as some other information.

In order to activate the SDK use the command line activation tool with the --keycode parameter, your name, your company's name, and the License PDF file:

./activation_sdk --keycode <name> <company> <path to License PDF file>


./activation_sdk --keycode "Mary Smith" "The Printer Inc." /path/to/file/License_200012345.pdf

The tool will then output a license request with further instructions how the request has to be sent via email to the activation server. After you have followed these instructions, the activation server will send an Activation PDF back to you. This you should then install using the --activation parameter and the Activation PDF

./activation_sdk --activate <Path to Activation PDF>


./activation_sdk --activate /path/to/file/Activation.pdf

The License Key (as printed on the License PDF) is needed in each initialization call to the library as described in the SDK documentation. See first steps in the next article...

Similarly, in order to deactivate the license, use the --deactivate parameter and the Activation code:

 activation_sdk --deactivate <activation code>