callas pdfEngine SDK: First steps

callas pdfEngine SDK is the name of callas' software development kit package name. The product related features (pdfToolbox or pdfaPilot) are activated using a license. This package includes full documentation and sample codes and contains executables and source code for all supported environments (C/C++, C# and Java).

To know more about the file components inside the package, go to File components and their use in pdfaPilot SDK article.

Executing a sample using callas pdfEngine SDK

Please note: This article refers to pdfToolboxSample but pdfaPilotSample functions in the same way.

Once you have activated your SDK using a license, you can run a sample, in this example 'pdfToolboxSample'. You can see below all the pre defined modes, along with the arguments that can be executed.

For example, pdfToolboxSample <keycode> --listlanguages

Executing a profile

In the example below, the Profile 'Convert to PDFX-4 (PSO Coated v3 (ECI))' has been applied to the source file 'hello.pdf'. The command looks like this:

./pdfToolboxSample JDEAXKQ3JAXN9HH695YC93QKHMWBMLPFTE65T3CYS Convert to PDFX-4 (PSO Coated v3 (ECI)).kfpx ./hello.pdf out.pdf
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The command arguments are:

1. path to the pdfToolboxSample (executable)

2. the keycode

3. path to the profile that needs to be executed (.kfpx)

4. path to the input file

5. name of the output file

On executing: