Add text

The “Text” Action lets you place text on a page.

Place text
Enter the text to be placed.
Text size
Defines the size of the text.
Text rotation
Specifies the angle at which the text will be created
Text color
Use the color selector to specify the color of the text to be placed.
Position where the object is to be placed.
Offsets the object relative to the parameters given under “Placement”. Values should be entered in the form of coordinates, giving x and y values relative to the reference point given under “Placement”. This means that value such as “-5” is also valid.
Specifies the size of the text field
Enlarge page
If the text does not appear on the page, the page region can be enlarged.
Page range
For multi-page documents, specifies the range of pages on which the text will be placed.

The result will then be shown in the visualizer. (Here it is the yellow text at the bottom of the page.)

This is the result with “Enlarge page” enabled, causing the page to become slightly larger.