Place mail stamp

This Action adds a mail stamp to the document. You can also specify whether to output a user-definable number and/or the current date at the same time.
As this Action uses HTML templates as a basis, you can also create your own layouts or edit existing ones. The corresponding template folder can be found in the menu at the bottom left of the Switchboard Action.

Stamp template
Round or square stamp
Internal number
You can enter any number here
Current date
Adds the current system date
Coordinates where the object is to be placed.
Offsets the object relative to the parameters given under “Placement”. Values should be entered in the form of coordinates, giving x and y values relative to the reference point given under “Placement”. This means that values such as “-5” are also valid.
Page range
For multi-page documents, specifies the range of pages on which the object will be placed.

Choose “Mouse selection” to set the placement. The selected reference point will be indicated with an orange “plus” symbol.

The final result with stamp placed.