Multi-user system (Activating additional users on the same system)

pdfaPilot can be operated by multiple users on the same computer.

We’ll show you where to copy the license file to in order to allow multiple users to access pdfaPilot.

Copying the license file

pdfaPilot licenses are only bound to a given system, not to specific users.

The license file can be copied under Activate in the User Preferences for the currently active user.

To allow other users to work with this license, you must manually copy the License.txt file into the User Preferences for the other user.

The folder path from which the License.txt file can be retrieved and to which it should be copied is as follows:

/Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/callas software/callas pdfaPilot <VERSION>

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\callas software\callas pdfaPilot <VERSION>

CLI/Server activation for all users on one system

If the pdfaPilot CLI/Server version shall be activated for all users on a system, there are various possibilities. Details can be found in the CLI manual under "Activating pdfaPilot CLI".