Checking the ISO standards using callas Desktop products

This article explains how you can check if a PDF file is ISO standard compliant or not.

Upon opening a file in a callas Desktop product (pdfToolbox/pdfaPilot), the application will notify you at the bottom if the document is marked with a standard or not (marked as a rectangular selection in the screenshot above).

In the example above, the PDF document is marked as PDF/A1-b compliant. Upon clicking the coloured (green in this case but the colour depends on the type of standard compliance) button, a result window will pop up showing the compliance or non compliance result, like in the image below.

A PDF file with multiple standard compliance will be shown with multiple buttons, coloured individually based on the standard.

Another way to check the standards compliance is via the predefined Profiles. Under the 'PDF Standards' library, the desktop application comes with different Profiles for checking compliance with or even converting to a standard (PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/UA etc).

Please note that the screenshots shown in this article are from the sister product of pdfaPilot.