Batch processing for Actions

pdfaPilot Desktop can do more than just checking or fixing one file at a time; the Batch Processing mode allows it to process multiple PDF documents within a folder. The Switchboard allows you to apply any Action to all PDF files within a given folder.

The Batch function in pdfaPilot can process up to 100 documents one after another. For a high-volume approach using hot folders, pdfaPilot Server is recommended.

The screenshots are showing the sister product pdfToolbox. The functionality in this part of pdfaPilot is identical to pdfToolbox.

Select the Action from the Switchboard

  1. Select the desired Action...
  2. ... And apply any desired Settings.
    (Here, under the Document category, the Action Save as PDF 1.x has been specified as PDF Version 1.3.)
  3. Click on the Batch option to specify additional batch processing settings.

Batch processing: Organize and start the batch

  1. Under Heading 1, select the folder containing the PDF files to be processed.
  2. Under 2: Process batch will display processing progress...
  3. ... Once you click on the Start button.

After processing

Depending on the processing results, the files will then be stored either in a folder containing successfully processed (Success - 1) or unsuccessful results (Failure - 2).

These are located in a folder named with the timestamp - 3 for the processing point which will be automatically shown after processing is complete.