Start a Server / connect with Remote Server

pdfaPilot Server combines the user interface of pdfaPilot Desktop Version in interaction with the CLI component, which is automatically called in the background as soon as you start pdfaPilot Server.

Starting pdfaPilot Server

Follow the two steps below to start pdfaPilot Server.

By clicking this button the CLI is started in the background (similar to the manual call with the --server command). As soon as the process is running, jobs can already be processed.

Set access code

To protect the server and the server jobs from unauthorized access and changes, an access code can be assigned.

Create a new Server job

Once the server is running, a server job can be created. See the next article how to configure a new job.

Connect with Remote Server

If the server on which the processing is to take place is located on another computer, you can also connect to the system remotely.

IP and Port

To connect to the target system the IP and the respective port must be specified. Please note: If a firewall is used, the port must also be released accordingly.