Switchboard: Tagged PDF – HTML export

PDF files structured using so-called tags can be exported to other structured file formats. These include HTML and EPUB.

How can I tell whether a PDF document has a structure?

pdfaPilot will show a symbol in the file window to indicate whether a PDF file is tagged (i.e. whether it has a structure.)

The “Tagged PDF” Group

The Tagged PDF Switchboard Group contains a number of Actions relating to tagged PDF files and structures.

One action in this Group is named HTML Export.

The HTML Export Action

“HTML Export” converts a tagged file to HTML and opens it in your default browser.

  1. The HTML template option lets you choose a template from a list (Simple, Easy to read, Structure tags and others.)
  2. Among other things, the Action button allows you to manage HTML templates. This also lets you use your own templates.
  3. The Batch button lets you apply the HTML export process to entire folders if required.
  4. Click the Execute button to start HTML export.

After the HTML export process starts, a Save dialog will open where you can provide a name and a location for the exported file.


Following HTML export, the output file will be automatically opened in your default browser.

The example above shows the results using Easy to read and Structure tags settings.

Customizing templates

You can customize export templates according to your own requirements. The folder containing the current library’s current templates can be found via the menu button at the bottom-left corner of the Switchboard Action: click “Manage HTML templates.”
 If you have any questions about how to use this feature, our Support team will be happy to help.