Creating ZUGFeRD / Factur-X invoices

The German e-invoicing standard ZUGFeRD (Central User Guide Forum electronic Invoice Germany) defines a document, which contains an invoice in a human readable (PDF/A-3) and a machine readable format (XML). By using the PDF/A-3 standard the created file satisfies long-term archiving regulations. With pdfaPilot it is possible to embed such a ZUGFeRD-XML file (created by an electronic billing or accounting system) into a PDF, setting the required ZUGFeRD-XMP metadata and making the PDF a valid PDF/A-3 in one run.

Factur-X is the corresponding French standard to ZUGFeRD 2.0 for electronic invoicing in EU countries. 

Create a ZUGFeRD invoice using an invoice PDF and an invoice XML:

--zugferd --create=<ZUGFeRD XML file> <PDF file> 

Adding a GiroCode during creation with a ZUGFeRD invoice using an invoice PDF and an invoice XML (GiroCode data will be determined from XML file):

--zugferd --create=<ZUGFeRD XML file> 
--girocode=<lower left x>,<lower left y>,<size>,<unit>,<pagenumber> 
<PDF file> 

Parameters for GiroCode:

lower left x

Position from the lower left on x axis

lower left y

Position from the lower left on y axis


Size of resulting GiroCode (always quadratic)


Optional unit for coordiantes and size: mm, inch, pt (default: mm)


Page, where the GiroCode will be positioned

Validate a PDF and the containing XML against the ZUGFeRD specification:

--zugferd <PDF file> 

Extract the embedded XML from a ZUGFeRD PDF file:

--zugferd --extract <PDF file> 

Create several reports from a ZUGFeRD invoice:

--zugferd --export=[<option>,<option>,...] 
  [--resolution=<resolution in ppi>] 
  [--imgformat=<image format>] 
  <PDF file> 

Options for ZUGFeRD reports:


No images from the PDF pages


XML invoice is not extracted


No HTML view of the XML


No synopsis of PDF images and XML


No ZUGFeRD validation report

Addtional parameters for the export of PDFIMAGES:


optional, resolution in ppi or width x height in pixel, e.g. 1024x800 (default: 72)


optional, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF

(default: JPEG)