Actions: Decorate

The Switchboard Actions under “Decorate” let you place a range of different object types within a PDF.

1. 1. Place folding marks

Adds two folding marks to pages.
These will be generated and positioned based on the page height.

2. 2. Text

Places user-defined text on the page.
You can specify settings such as the text size and position.

3. 3. Page number

You can number pages.
The text color, position and other settings can be specified.

4. 4. Date

Places the current date on the page.
The text color, position and other settings can be specified.

5. 5. Logo/Image

Places an image, PDF or SVG on pages.
You can specify the position as well as the page range.

6. 6. Watermark

Places an image, PDF or SVG with transparency.
This produces a see-through effect similar to a watermark.

7. 7. Mail stamp

You can add a mail stamp to the document.
An HTML template can be used to customize the stamp’s format.

8. 8. Letter background

A letter background template can be placed on top of or below the content in the input file.

9. 9. Add summary page

Adds a page to the document summarizing its contents.

10. 10. Add divider page

Divider pages can be added before or after a given page count.

11. 11. Move objects

Objects of a given type can be moved to another position.


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