Proximity: Object crosses shape

The property "Object crosses shape" detects graphics objects whose border crosses the border of a shape.

The shape is defined by means of a Shape property (for more details see the article  "Shapes" property for use in "Context aware object detection" checks).

In the example shown further below, this shape is derived from a cutline that is expected to be present in the PDF file to be examined. Using the outer border of such a cutline it is possible to represent even relatively complex setups.

For each object it is checked whether its border crosses the border defined by the shape's area.

The configuration options for a check based on the "Object crosses shape" property can be seen below:

Sample files

The example below makes use of the check Object crosses "Cutline".kfpx and the PDF file Yummy Pumpkin Yoghurt.pdf which are available for download:

Running the check Object crosses "Cutline" detects all objects whose border crosses the border of the area defined by the cutline. For example, the border of the light-yellow background is mostly just outside the cutline, but on the left its borders is retracted towards the inside of the label (possibly to reveal the aluminium foil surface below it to make the area look silver), thus crossing the cutline.