Process Plan step "Add files"

pdfToolbox 12 introduced a new Process plan step 'Add files' which, as the name suggests, allows you to add additional pages to a PDF file in the Process Plan workflow.

Until pdfToolbox 11, it wasn't possible to merge 2 files within a Process Plan workflow. This new step 'Add files' lets you do exactly that.

The Process Plan itself is configured using a script:

  • After drag&dropping the step onto the canvas, click on the step
  • Click the '+' button in the right side panel to start working on the configuration script

The sample script looks like below:

Example script: Add a cover page

Below is a sample script to add a cover page (1 pager) to the front of a PDF file:

const conf = {
    prepend: [], //array of files to prepend to current doc
    append: [] , //array of files to append to current doc
    embed: []    //array of files to embed into current doc

const CoverPath = '/Users/admin/Downloads/callas_cover_Part1.pdf';

	path: CoverPath,

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Fancy a video about 'Add files' Process Plan step?