Explore tagging

For the files that are structured on tags (PDF/UA files), the user is able to receive a comprehensive overview of the structure of the elements in a web browser.

Tagged PDF file

pdfToolbox shows immediately when a PDF file has labels indicated by a purple "tree" icon at the bottom. You can:

  1. Click on the purple "tree" icon.
  2. Go to Tools --- Explore Tagging
  3. pdfToolbox Standalone Home window --- Go to Free tools --- Explore Tagging
  • A comprehensive structural overview opens in the operating system default browser.

Inspect the PDF structural overview

Inspect the PDF structural overview

From each PDF file the user receives a detailed overview of the PDF structure.

In the overview you have areas like "Document", "Article" and "Section". In the Section you have categories indicated by color codes such as Heading 1, 2, ..., paragraph lists and tables.