How to 'Split or reorder' PDF

The Switchboard Action under 'Arrange' group lets you split your multipage documents into smaller packages as defined by a split scheme, with an additional option to merge the individual packages again. Starting pdfToolbox version 11.1, you can now replace the original document with the newly derived 'split and merged' document.

This Action can also be used inside a Process Plan. Within a Process Plan, the generated PDFs will be handled as separate output files (like e.g. images), so they will not be handled in further steps of the Process Plan.

In the example above, a 16 page document is being split into 2 packages. The first package contains 5 pages numbered 1 to 5 whereas the second package contains 7 pages from page number 10 to 16. A user can optionally check the 'Merge again' checkbox to merge the individual packages again, as done in this example.

Checking the 'Replace original' (can be activated only upon checking 'Merge again') will replace the original document which is now merged with the split scheme '1-5,10-16'.

Split Scheme expression may be a number with an asterisk "*" or a more complex string. If it is a number with an asterisk "*" it creates PDF files with the defined number of pages. E.g. if the number is 3*, it would create 3 packages with 3 pages and one package with one page from a 10 page file.

Split or reorder in a Process Plan

With the new 'Replace original' option, it is possible to use one merged file as the new input file for the later steps since it replaces the original file.

Here is a link to how you can use actions in Process Plans.

You'll find a list of the complete syntax in the respective article about the CLI functionality:

Split PDF

Reorder pages using QuickFix

There are two new QuickFixes in pdfToolbox 13 to reorder pages:

  • Reorder pages
  • Invert page order