Dump variables report (using JSON)

Beginning with pdfToolbox 10, a new report type is available on command line (and in Switch):

VARDUMP:   Dumps the app.vars object into JSON
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This report dumps all Variables and their values in a JSON file. The other report options can be used e.g. in order to specify the location and the name with which the JSON report is created.

The JSON file contains a "vars" object and key value pairs for all Variables.
This report type can be helpful for use cases, where JavaScript Variables are e.g. calculating multiple thresholds based on a single Variable defined during runtime or when a JavaScript Variable is deriving information about the PDF itself.

The report can be used in Switch as a dataset or in other workflow applications, MIS-systems or any other applications that integrate pdfToolbox in order to export any kind of information that is available in the pdfToolbox internal JavaScript object.

pdfToolbox Viewing Distance related checks.kfpx <any PDF> --report=vardump
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The content of the vardump JSON for this CLI call will be:

   "vars" :
      "Calcs_for_LFP_Preflight_-_viewing_distance" : 200,
      "eff_min_fontsize" : 200,
      "eff_min_imageresolution" : 40,
      "input_scalingfactor" : 100,
      "input_viewingdistance" : 10

And will vary if the values of the Variables "input_viewingdistance" and "input_scalingfactor" are changed using --setvariables=...

Note: The used Profile is part of the "Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content" Library and contained in the Desktop version.