Proximity: Objects close to each other

The property "Objects close to each other" is based on the concept that graphics objects on a PDF page can be checked whether they are too close to one another.

The configuration options for a check based on the "Objects close to each other" property can be seen below:

  1. Distance: Distance to be checked between objects
  2. Number of objects: Limit to the number of objects to be checked (1000 objects to be checked in the example above)
  3. If number of objects is exceeded: For performance reasons, test conditions can be applied:
    1. Run until the limit is reached
    2. Do not run if the test runs for the specified number of objects
  4. Measurement unit: mm, pt, inch

Sample files

The example below makes use of the check Objects closer than 10pt to each other.kfpx and the PDF file Objects_close_to_each_other.pdf which are available for download:

Testing whether the check works as expected

While editing a new or existing check there is an easy way to test whether the check actually does what it is intended to do.

Please install the attached check Objects closer than 10pt to each other.kfpx and open the attached example file Objects_close_to_each_other.pdf in order to follow the test.

Open "Edit Check" window for the Objects closer than 10pt to each other.kfpx check and click on the "Test" button.

In order to learn more about how the Test mode can speed up construction and adjustments of Checks, but also Profiles, Process Plans or Fixups, please check out the chapter Test mode.

The Test profile window will now display the file Objects_close_to_each_other.pdf in the left half of its window, and the results from running the Check on the right side.

By double clicking on the entries below the line saying Objects closer than 10pt to each other (11 matches), the respective objects can be highlighted on the page.