Examining page content: The Object Inspector

The Object Inspector provides an interactive expandable list of properties for objects in PDF files.

Object inspector: text

The window for the object inspector has two parts:

  • Left side: the preview of the selected page of the PDF file.
  • Right side: the information area of the selected object of the page. The viewer mode is "Inspect" with the "Object inspector".

The "Object inspector" is context sensitive.

  1. Move above the text alinea.

Detailed information and a preview of the selected text shows at the right side of the panel.

  • Text area: font size, font type, embedding status, ...
  • Fill area: color space, ...
  • General area: transparency, ...

NOTE: The view is fixed when you click directly on the desired object. A renewed click triggers the connection of the selected object.

Object inspector: image

  1. Select the image.

Information about the image size in pixels, compression type, image resolution, ... is provided. Also the color space, overprinting, Alpha channel info, image mask available or not, ...

Object inspector: vector object

Object inspector: vector object

A vector object, depending on whether contour and filing are present, more than one present object.

  • Vector: stroked
  • Vector: filled

Vector object: stroked

Contour information about the path appears (anchor points). In the area there are contour details such as color space and line thickness.

Vector object: filled

For filing, information about the path appears (anchor points). In the area there are fill details such as color space and color values.