Unembed all fonts

A PDF file does not necessarily have to contain all used fonts.

If a font is used inside a PDF for a text, it is referenced by its name. The font can either be contained  - then the contained font is usually used when the PDF is displayed, or cannot be contained - then the respective PDF viewer can search for a font with the referenced name on the system, and (if such a font is not found) use another font for displaying the text.

Starting pdfToolbox 13, it is now possible to remove all embedded fonts from a PDF file.

Switchboard Action: Unembed all fonts

The Switchboard action 'Unembed all fonts' has no parameters and will simply remove all embedded fonts from a PDF file. 

Action in Process Plans

  1. Go to 'Fixups'
  2. Click on the upper right hand side 'Menu'
  3. Create new Action