Validate against PDF/X-5n standard

From pdfToolbox 8.0 onwards, you are able to convert PDF files to PDF/X-5n and validate the standard too.

Launch pdfToolbox Desktop

Open the PDF file "Display callas_Demo file.pdf"

  1. Go to "File".
  2. Click "Open" to launch the file load dialog box and navigate to the folder where the input PDF file "Display callas_Demo file" is located.

Open the Profile dialog

  1. Go to "Tools".
  2. Click "Profiles".

Verify compliance with PDF/X-5n

Verify compliance with PDF/X-5n
  1. In the search field search to "Verify compliance with PDF/X-5n".
  2. Select Profile "Verify compliance with PDF/X-5n".
  3. Click "Analyze".

Review the preflight report

Review the preflight report

A green tick shows. No problems are found.