Export Profiles to a previous pdfToolbox version

pdfToolbox offers support to export Profiles/Checks/Fixups/Process Plans to previous versions of pdfToolbox.

Steps to export

  1. To export, select an 'ITEM' which can be a Check, Fixup, Profile or a Process Plan
  2. Go to Options --- Export to previous version...
  3. A pop-up window opens with the following information:
    • “The earliest version of pdfToolbox with full support of all features in <name of 'ITEM'> is pdfToolbox <version>"
    • And a link to the online manual with information to determine what features in a Profile prevent it to be saved in an earlier version

How to export multiple Profiles at once

It is quite easy to export multiple Profiles at once.

1. Just go to the "Edit" dialog of the profiles (or choose "Create Profile")

2. Mark all Profiles, which shall be exported in the left list and click the right icon below the list.

3. Choose a destination folder, where the selected Profiles shall be saved.